Worried Women Lunch Group


This group meets Thursdays at noon in my Somerville, NJ office

Group therapy can be a great option either as an addition to individual therapy or as a stand alone service. In group therapy, you work together with both the therapist and other group members. The Worried Women Group allows feedback and sharing with like-minded women for more support and a wider perspective. Members are selected to ensure a good fit for each group.

This group might be a good fit for you if you’re:

  • Always stuck in your head and find it hard to enjoy the moment

  • Feeling disconnected from the things that are most important to you

  • Struggling with perfectionism or people-pleasing

  • Feeling stressed, stuck, exhausted, or overwhelmed

  • Constantly chasing the approval of others and putting yourself last

  • Finding it difficult to set boundaries with others or have boundaries that are overly rigid

  • Having trouble letting people in and allowing them to get to know the real you

  • Looking to connect with other women who are traveling a similar path and understand where you’re coming from

In this group, you will find warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging, a chance to feel valued, accepted, and supported by others, and the opportunity to gift like-minded women with the same experience.

In this group, we’ll discuss:

  • How to feel more present and grounded in daily life, no matter what the external circumstances are

  • How to set boundaries with others that come from a place of integrity for you

  • Cultivating emotional strength, balance, and flexibility

  • Beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that can harm or heal

  • How to stay connected to yourself and to the deeper world around you

  • Responding to stress and anxiety instead of reacting

Members are asked to commit to attending for at least three months to gain maximum benefit. Please note that space is limited due to the intentionally small nature of this group.

To learn more information or sign up, please email me at amy@amybethacker.com or complete the form below:

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